Frequently asked questions

If you have questions, write to us. You can use the contact form or write to You can also find common answers in this section "Frequently asked questions".

Is possible to learn to surf in a week?
A week of surfing with daily classes will provide a great evolution of our new surfers. Our classes have a maximum of 3 students per instructor, this ensures that each student has the necessary attention and can progress rapidly. Yes, is possible.
Knowing how to swim minimally, being relatively comfortable at sea, be motivated and physically fit.

Yes, all equipment is included surfboard, leash, lycra and wax. You can also bring your own equipment if you want to practice with it, if it is not right for your level, our instructor will suggest that use school equipment.

Fortunately we are situated in region with good weather almost all year, which does not mean that there are no bad weather, yet the bad weather such as rain, doesn’t affects the quality of the waves. Bad weather on windy terms is most often solved by finding the beach is more protected from the wind direction.
From November to April, light and short clothing and maybe something also light for cooler evenings. From May to October, requires a bit more warm clothes for evenings and rainy morning, but do not forget even in winter is better to have light and short clothes during the day and is never bad to have a raincoat.

Ilhéus Airport, is 70km from Itacaré.