The concept

We value the quality of our service, the use of the right equipment and the commitment that so well characterize our team, that is to teach the whole process to learn to surf safely, fun, with autonomy and constant evolution. We emphasize that school does not serve only girls, on the contrary, we teach all people who are physically fit, independent of sex.

Basic surf lessons Meninas do mar Surf School Itacare
Basic Surf Lessons

This is the most important phase of surfing. It is essential to consolidate these first steps and to have a correct evolution for the autonomy in the future.

Intermediate surf lessons Meninas do mar Surf School Itacare
Intermediate Surf Lessons

Work techniques to improve wave reading, paddling , positioning, take a wave, the way to gain speed and maneuvers .

Kids surf lessons Meninas do mar Surf School Itacare
Kids Surf Lessons

All classes are held on the beach of Engenhoca to be the most suitable beach for beginners and especially children who need more care.

Surf School Itacaré - Meninas do mar

waterfalls, tropical jungle trails, amazing sunrises and sunsets. You can find some of the best surf beaches, each one more beautiful than the other.

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Our mission more than teaching, is to make surfing more accessible for everyone. We offer surf lessons for all ages and levels. Here you will learn to surf in tropical beautiful beaches.


Tripadvisor Reviews

For us, surfing is more than a sport; it is a healthier and more relaxed lifestyle, which has the capacity to provide memorable experiences.

  • 5 star ratingOne of the best expirience i ever made A really good surfscool with friendly and competent surfteachers. I did surfing about 8 years ago in Uruguay but this wasn't that much fun so i never tried again until... more..

    Andrea K Avatar
    Andrea K
    31 Jan 2018

    5 star ratingAmazing surf experience It’s amazing to see and experience how passionate meninas do mar are about surfing. it makes surfing a lot easier. we did progress day bay day thanks to the perfect... more..

    Alain G Avatar
    Alain G
    04 Nov 2017

    5 star ratingBest Surfing Experience, with great Company!! My boyfriend and me were looking for a place to start surfing. Meninas do mar was recommended to us from a swiss friend! It was the best decision, we took... more..

    steffi740 Avatar
    26 Mar 2017
  • 5 star ratingSurf class Fantastic people. Jane and her people are very professional and do their best for us to learn surf. More than teachers, they are friends of their students.

    Calberto T Avatar
    Calberto T
    27 Sep 2017

    5 star ratingThe best teachers!! I had tried surfing before with little success, so I had given up for a while. Someone encouraged me to try again with Jane and her team at Meninas do... more..

    Worldviajera Avatar
    02 Apr 2017

    5 star ratingGreat experience I loved the experience with Jané and her team, it is so wonderful to be able to support a female owned and operated business. The instructors are very supportive and... more..

    axelandra Avatar
    08 Dec 2017
  • 5 star ratingBest surf school in Itacaré! Can't recommended this surf school enough! The instructors are fantastic and genuinely invested in the success of each student. They keep the size of the classes small (one instructor to... more..

    Philippe W Avatar
    Philippe W
    20 Mar 2018

    5 star ratingBest experience This surf school is absolutely amazing, the instructors are very kind and help a lot with the learning process, I took the class for 3days and they had me standing... more..

    wintershelby Avatar
    04 Apr 2018

    5 star ratingExcellent and professional teachers, lots of amazing fun Meninas do Mar is an excellent surf school that will help anyone advance to their next level, get confidence and enjoy the beauty of surfing.

    I stayed at Itacare for...

    sirkouts Avatar
    19 Aug 2017
  • 5 star ratingBest surf school I\'ve ever taken lessons with! Meninas do Mar is responsible for my love of surfing and of the beautiful town of Itacaré. I loved it so much I went back a year later and I... more..

    Aideen S Avatar
    Aideen S
    07 Feb 2018